ML Code Challenges

Title Category Difficulty Status
Matrix times Vector linear algebra Easy Unsolved
Calculate Covariance Matrix linear algebra Medium Unsolved
Solve Linear Equations using Jacobi Method linear algebra Medium Unsolved
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) linear algebra Hard Unsolved
Determinant of a 4x4 Matrix using Laplace's Expansion linear algebra Hard Unsolved
Linear Regression Using Normal Equation machine learning Easy Unsolved
Linear Regression Using Gradient Descent machine learning Easy Unsolved
Feature Scaling Implementation machine learning Easy Unsolved
K-Means Clustering machine learning Medium Unsolved
Cross-Validation Data Split Implementation machine learning Medium Unsolved
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Implementation machine learning Medium Unsolved
Transpose of a Matrix linear algebra Easy Unsolved
Decision Tree Learning machine learning Hard Unsolved
Pegasos Kernel SVM Implementation machine learning Hard Unsolved
Sigmoid Activation Function Understanding deep learning Easy Unsolved
Softmax Activation Function Implementation deep learning Easy Unsolved
Single Neuron deep learning Easy Unsolved
Single Neuron with Backpropagation deep learning Medium Unsolved
Implementing Basic Autograd Operations deep learning Medium Unsolved
Transformation Matrix from Basis B to C linear algebra Easy Unsolved